Plans For A New CBD Bar To Overlook Brisbane River

Plans For A New CBD Bar To Overlook Brisbane River

Posted: 19 Dec, 2018

Plans For A New CBD Bar To Overlook Brisbane River

A trendy outdoor bar and eatery that overlooks the Brisbane River is planned to replace a paved terrace adjacent to Jellyfish Restaurant.

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Ethos Urban, on behalf of Jimmy’s On The Mall Pty Ltd which is owned by Mantle Group Hospitality, has lodged an application with the Brisbane City Council to transform the rear of 145 Eagle Street into an outdoor venue facing the Brisbane River.

The bar and accompanying facilities, as well as seating, would be located on the paved terrace and within close proximity to the Pig ‘N’ Whistle which is also owned by the Mantle Group.

More seating would be located on the stepped terrace that sits between Jellyfish and Riverland.

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The submission did not state how many patrons it would accommodate although it stated the proposed landscape and public seating would activate the riverwalk.

A lightweight structure was planned to cover the bar and patrons seated on the paved terrace would also be shaded by new trees to be placed in existing planters.

“This development application aims to facilitate refurbishment of an existing ground level tenancy and establish an associated external bar and seating area at the riverfront of the property which will complement similar uses in the river precinct,” the submission stated.

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The submission stated that operating longer than 18 hours per day was considered appropriate because it met the relevant noise criteria.

“… is well separated from sensitive uses and is co-located with other similar longer operating uses such as the Pig ‘N’ Whistle,” the submission stated.

“The City Centre Neighbourhood Plan also specifically supports 24 hour, 7 day per week operation in this location.”

However, the Mantle Group told The Courier-Mail that there was no intention to open the eatery 24/7.

Source: Courier Mail 

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